The Bekker NAWA Programme


no. 14 of March 21, 2024

Pursuant to Article 19(1) of the Act on the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange of July 7, 2017, the Director of the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange hereby announces a call for applications for participation in the Bekker NAWA Programme (hereinafter referred to as the “Programme”).


Announcement of the call for proposals Bekker NAWA 2024


Appendix 1: Model Application form
Appendix 2: Model invitation from the Host Centre
Appendix 3: Model thesis advisor’s opinion
Appendix 4: Model certification of doctoral student status
Appendix 5: Model opinion of the supervisor at the host institution
Appendix 6: Model reports
Appendix 7: Model Agreement
Appendix 8: Regulations of the Programmes of the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange Programmes for natural persons

The aim of the Programme is to support the international mobility of PhD students, scientists and academic teachers in pursuit of scientific excellence by enabling them to conduct their research in renowned foreign institutions around the world.

The Programme is open to PhD students and scientists representing all fields and disciplines of science as well as artistic disciplines. There are also no restrictions regarding countries where the Host Institutions are located.

Research fellowships (3 to 24 months) shall allow scientists to stay in recognized research centres and to implement the Projects together with eminent foreign scientists and scientific teams as well as establish long-term relationship with foreign scientific teams. For young scientists, the Bekker Programme will be also an opportunity for postdoctoral fellowships while for PhD students it  can be the part of their education.

The Programme provides funding to cover scholarship holder’s living expenses related to the stay in the foreign Host Center and the mobility allowance as well. The amount of the funding may be increased if the grantee has got a spouse and/or underage children. It also applies to assistant of a scholarship holder with a severe or moderate disability.


For questions/details, please contact:

Agnieszka Kawka, Department of Programmes for Scientists

+48 451 058 646


PhD students / final reports:

Jan Bąkowski

+48 451 058 634