Our PhD students in the project ‘Young Polish Language at the Crossroads of Cultures – Promotion, Knowledge, Education,’ under the supervision of Dr. hab. Anna Wileczek, Prof. UJK. Report from the international trip.

From March 5th to March 20th, we participated in educational and promotional meetings in Italy as part of the project “Young Polish Language at the Crossroads of Cultures – Promotion, Knowledge, Education” under the leadership of Dr. Anna Wileczek, Prof. UJK.

During the sixteen days of the delegation, we visited three universities: the University of Bari Aldo Moro, the University of Genoa, and the University of Turin. In each of these places, we established academic contacts with Polish and English language lecturers, translators, and participants of the organized meetings – students and doctoral students. This time was extremely intense. As project members, we actively participated in organizational meetings, lectures, and workshops on youth language and the possibilities of using digital applications in language education.

The trip, funded by the National Agency for Academic Exchange, allowed us to conduct survey research and collect submissions for new neologisms. During the meetings in Italy, the topics we raised generated great interest among academic youth and lively discussions about the similarities and differences between Polish and Italian neologisms. Students also willingly engaged in discussions about the infiltration of English words into the speech of young people and shared their opinions and observations about the specificity of this language variant. During the workshops on the use of digital applications in education, the participants – students and lecturers – shared their experiences in working with information and communication technologies.

The trip was very fruitful. It allowed us to gather valuable research material. These will be analyzed by us in the coming weeks, and the research results will be presented in scientific articles and at the September conference in Rome.

Zuzanna Bogucka, M.A., and Anita Jagun, M.A.